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Legend: five Slots. thirty stats. The most beneficial regular weapons HMs can use, they have a coloured aura (normally blue), in contrast to all other amounts of the weapon, so would make a superb standing symbol For anyone who is into that.

I feel they even have a slight variety bonus more than duals and 2H weapons, Even though have never managed to verify this.

Oracle – Prioritise these men yet again in addition. They’ll usually have rec built into them nevertheless, so don’t assume them to generally be pushovers. Occassionally you’ll come across UM rec-major oracles with self-recover, and these you might have to come back at with extra buddies.

If you still desire to PvP and aren’t willing to Adhere to the previously mentioned record, I suggest producing a priest in its place and that is no less than usable with minimal-lvl equipment. But your best guess would be to possibly uncover another video game.

Hunters – Be sure you have eagle eye and stinger ready, and operate in. Fighters naturally have an advantage against these, While bear in mind that if both of these abilities are on cooldown, your advantage has absent.

If you might want to read this segment with the manual, will not PvP. Most gamers on Shaiya thesedays tend to have spent a lot of money and time on their own people, and can be quite strong.

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Legend: Drops within the manager on the best degree of Maitreyan, Ankylul. This manager is needed for the level 43 epic quest, so farming him is against the rules of Shaiya and will end in a ban.

Worship: A two slot Edition of the equipment May possibly exist, but I have not confirmed it. If it will it was most likely from your very start out of the sport.

When you PvP, it can be more critical you discover the elemental chain. Most likely 80%+ of great PvPers could have elemental weapons and armour, and it’s important you realize why they will offer substantial harm to you, and the most effective methods to counter it.

Legend: Drops from the boss on the highest level of Maitreyan, Ankylul. This manager is necessary for the level forty three epic quest, so farming him is versus The principles of Shaiya and will lead to a ban.

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I've usually played up the significant dexed fighter which is correct a lot more so in UM. My standard manner was a good 2str 3dex fighter to lvl fifty with zero concerns. I took component in lots of battles versus lvl50’s of all lessons And that i had above a 75% earn charge. My HM was a 4str 3dex and all over again more unbeatable towards like lvls of all courses except for 1 Incredibly large dex Ranger who I conquer as soon as and pwned me each and every other time. My UM was a 6str 3dex fighter, And that i added nearly rank four PVP details into Dex. Lapis was weighty to rec and str.

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